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Website design and development. The center part of this topic has been already covered through both About and FAQ sections, however, as an additional piece of information we would like to share is that all design, art work, coding, video and voices are produced here in the United States. During the process, you and potentially other professionals that you may want to invite to the project will have a very close interaction during all the phases of the project. Once you have accepted our professional services, we will delineate with your input all potential points of contact and a calendar of activities to follow.
Promotion and Sales Services At HoustonWSites we are interested in helping local organizations to excel in their marketing directives. We offer two specific marketing services: Promotion and Sales. Promotion. - In this area, we offer the design and planning of your promotional projects and/or campaigns. For this, we will present specific, goal-oriented specifications of a particular promotional project, aligned to the objectives you proposed. In the specifications, we will cover center-aspects of the promotional campaign such as: Theme - Idea and components Art-Work - sketches os all images Copy - web or graphic Printing samples - printed materials Storyboards - video scripts Voice-over - scripts Distribution of promotional materials - if any Plan of action - Perth Supervisory and Measure Reports Sales -As with the previous case, the main objective of this service is to offer a solution path to attain sales figures. HoustonWSites will present a document representing a Sales-Solution containing a strategic sales planning including some of the following areas: Objectives - Revenue expected Promotional (previous service) Sales Force Selection of Personnel Training materials Testing Schedules Plan of Action Ejecution Supervisory and Measure Reports
Social Media A marketing strategy of today requires an organization to present or to have a marketing effort standing in at least two legs. On the one hand, the traditional marketing we all know includes ads in newspapers and specialized magazines, radio and television, paper flyers and postcards for starters. On the other hand, today's marketing directs messages to potential consumers, via all or some of the platforms that the Internet offers. As in the case of traditional marketing and publicity, social media could be expensive and yet not offering the expected results. Like in traditional marketing and publicity, campaigns ought to be adequately planned. HoustonWSites, offers Social Media services based on specific objectives via specific channels, based on a number of components, from consumer ethnicity to consumer education and much, much more. Any Social Media effort may include several of today’s social media platforms such as: Social Networks. Examples: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Bookmarking Sites. Examples: Pinterest, Flipboard, Diggs, etc. Social news. Examples: Digg. Media Sharing. Examples: Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Microblogging. Blog comments, forums and groups. Social Review Sites, and, Community Blogs Based on specifics about your company, HoustonWSites will offer a specification document outlining all steps, materials, graphical art work, copy, strategy planning, duration of campaigns, estimated cost, and estimated revenue. HoustonWSites will manage, control, supervise and direct all efforts from the first to the last day of your Social Media project.
Presentations design and implementation Presentations are a key component in the process of conveying an idea, a process, an organization and the better and clearer a presentation is, the better results may produce. At HoustonWSites we can help in the process of designing that presentation you need to bring a business to your organization. A presentation could be a direct display of information, presented with a clear and professional path, with a balanced display of images but unsophisticated approach or it could be an interactive application full of fanfares and special visual effects. In any case, HoustonWSites will create the presentation needed for any project.
Graphic Design We will create visual content to communicate your messages in a professional way .We will establish hierarchy to your visual messages through unique graphic-page layout techniques, incorporating typography, pictures, colors and designs to convey the proper message to your actual and potential customers. All this with the main objective of optimizing the user experience and perception. We will cover, through different graphic designs the following fundamental areas: Brand Identity and Logo Design, Packaging Design, Web and Mobile Design, and Layout and Print Design.
Video Productio Today’s stories are expressed through video and your story is not different. If your company has several products and/or services to offer, then your organization has several stories to tell. Video is the new norm. The majority of social media platforms (if not all of them) support and encourage video. We have the experience, the creativity and the channels to produce a professional video to satisfy your needs. The following are a few of the areas to apply video: Sales and promotional videos, Social Media Sales, Social Media Branding, New Products and Services, Commercial presentations, Training, Safety and Procedures, The Company, Production, Company Internal Presentations, and more...