Frequent Asked Questions
The following list of questions represents what you have asked us most frequently in the last few months. We hope this will inform you on how to serve the community. However, we encourage you to call or send us your communication request; we will contact you soon after we receive your note. Thank you.
Question: What is the objective of having a Website? Answer - A question frequently asked by professionals and business owners across all industries. The answer is directly related to the objective of promoting and selling products and services to the community where you reside across the nation or perhaps across the world. A presence in the WWW offers yet another channel through which to accomplish marketing objectives. There are secondary objectives a well-designed website accomplishes along with the utilization of tools, bringing or increasing traffic to the site. Question: What do I need to consider when creating a website? Answer - There are several general upper-level elements when designing a website. These elements are crucial as they form the foundation of your website's structure and functionality. The following are the basic ones you need to have in mind: To whom is the website directed? Here, you will consider the target audience to whom you are directing your information, products, and services. The public will dictate the number of elements in your presentation: the language, terms, colors, pictures, graphics, and other components. Age group - If your target audience is a particular age group, you must integrate language, culture, and specifics into the case. It will affect your selection of font type, font size, and potential animations to include. Ethnicity—It is paramount to consider the groups you want to address and in what languages you want to present your information. If addressing an audience in Italian increases the opportunity of landing a sale, by all means, present your products and services in any language you need. For instance, have you observed that we offer this information in English and Spanish? Well, we are in Texas. Names and Symbols—It is imperative to observe the utilization of symbols and possible abbreviations of products and services that will translate or have a different meaning in other local languages, and thus, the information will not be well taken. Question: Will HoustonWSites offer me a detailed design process? Answer—Our objective is to assist you in designing your website and offer alternatives to achieving your objectives. Question: Does HoustonWSites design my logos and graphics? Answer: Yes, that is one of the several services we offer you. Question: How long does it take to complete a website? Answer—It varies depending on the number of components and complexity of its functionality, artwork, and other items. However, you are fully informed about the status of the development progress. Question - What about the maintenance of my website? Answer: In most cases, we offer a monthly service to keep the website updated and with refreshed data and components. We have several packages, beginning at 10 hours per month and going to 24-hour maintenance services. Question: What is the cost of a website? Answer: It varies based on its complexity, the number of hours of development, graphical design, QA, documentation, the inclusion of a database, forms, animations, video production, voice-overs, etc. Question - What about guarantee? Answer: We offer a 90-day warranty on all products and services you obtain from HoustonWSites. Question: How can I initiate the process of designing a Website for my company with HoustonWSites? Answer: The process has several steps, from contacting us to releasing the website. Initial contact is preferred to be personal, but we can work remotely if this is the avenue of your selection. In the project's first phase, we need to learn your objectives and all the components of your future website mentioned above. We want to understand your company, your plans for the website, and alternative paths to aid in achieving your proposed goals. We will propose a website architecture with a given number of pages, components, and other 'widgets' that will all together produce the effects on visitors to the site that you expect. A development process will be in phases so that you can see the feel-and-look of the work in progress and adjust elements that may look appealing in a paper. Internal development, followed by quality assurance test processes, occurs until the website is completed. If HoustonWSites hosts the website for you, we will then upload and release the website to www. If, on the contrary, you have hosting arrangements, we will require the credentials necessary to upload the website with all its components to your hosting location. Question: Will HoustonWSites offer maintenance and support after the project is completed? Answer: Yes, we could establish several monthly maintenance hours to update information, change pictures, and other website components. Notice that these hours of maintenance will not cover new development; they will only cover the labor needed to keep the current website in good shape, updated, and clean. Question: Do we have to sign a maintenance agreement with HoustonWSites? Answer: No, this is optional. If you decide not to have maintenance on your website, we do not have to establish any agreement. Question: What other services do you provide apart from Website development? Answer - In total, we provide six essential services: Website design and development already covered Promotion and Sales Services Social Media Presentations design and implementation Graphic Design Video Production More information is offered at our Services Page!